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Blockchain Assets AI is a lean startup focused on meeting demand.


Our team is efficient, skilled, and expanding. Contact us if you’d like to work with us.


Jon Fagenstrom


Jon began his career in numismatics at the age of ten completing his first coin deal with $2000 dollars borrowed from his parents, for a 35% profit. This occasion solidified a life-long interest leading him to instrumental roles in forming several coin companies in Idaho, and working as a private broker specializing in the acquisition of rare coins and bullion.

With a passion for blockchain technology and a desire to launch securitized tokens backed by real-world value, Blockchain Assets AI was born to provide true wealth in a digital economy.

David Aust

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Aust is an serial entrepreneur who has business experience in manufacturing, research and development, legal research, business services, charitable development, political action, sales, and project management. David has spent much of his career engaged in research and development efforts on digital social and economic systems for sustainable prosperity. Mr. Aust’s academic background includes a B.S. in finance and economics, an M.B.A. in strategy and entrepreneurship, and is currently completing a D.B.A. in international business and global business sustainability. Mr. Aust’s dissertation is entitled, “How leaders apply multi-dimensional supportive systems in response to agile change management.”

Mills Rooks

Securities Advisor

A 35-year veteran of the securities/financial industry beginning under the tutelage of Merrill Lynch & Co. Affiliated with FINRA/SIPC member. Maintains a CTA/CPO firm with a focus on algorithmic trading and hedge fund management. Experienced in the Regulation A+ process for taking companies public. Mills is driven by a passion for “impact investing” which improves lives and the world in which we live.

Licenses: Series 3 (CTA/CPO), Series 7, Series 24, Series 27, and Series 63.

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